FAQ's & Facts


1. What is BYOB?

BYOB, or Build Your Own Box is our original and main product. It allows you to select 4 or more from a list of 40+ themes so we can manually put together a unique combination and make a one-of-a-kind mystery box.

You can try our most popular product here.

2. How much value do I get in it?

Our BYOB contents are guaranteed to surpass in value the original price of the box (59 CAD) at the time of packaging.

3. Can I know what is in the box?

You can see examples of products we offer in the BYOBs on our social media and shop items as well as Pop-Up Collections. However, the actual contents of your box remain a mystery!

See What's In Then Box.

4. Will I like what I get?

BYOB is a highly customized experience offering over 40 themes to mix and match, with an additional comment section along the process to put any notes you'd like us to consider. We are all about good surprises and a fun experience thus we try our best to put the human touch and curate the right products in your box. If ever you were not satisfied with your purchase, please email us directly at info@coolkidsclub.ca.

5. How fast will I get my order?

For all shipping related questions, please visit our Shipping Policy page here. If you have not received a shipping notification past the applicable delay -including your spam-, please reach out to info@coolkidsclub.ca and include your order number in the message.

6. Do you take special box orders?

Absolutely. We are a small business that puts lots of care in the service we offer. As such, we adapt to certain requests to help you find an original gift for a birthday, baby shower, anniversary or any other occasion. Send a message to info@coolkidsclub.ca and tell us about your project/event. We will get in touch with you.

"Part Of The Club" option

7. Is there a subscription option?

We do not offer subscriptions or bind you to a recurrent payment. However we do have a 4-in-1 option on the BYOB product page that gives you a discount on four (4) boxes purchased at once and delivered to the given address in 3 month intervals (Ex. Oct, Jan, Apr, Jul). Our 4-in-1 purchase option also guarantees an exclusive item or value add-on at least once throughout the period. This product is NOT a subscription and will not renew automatically.


8. Who is CoolKidsClub?

We are a small family-owned and operated business in Quebec, Canada. We are millennials who love pop culture and collectibles/toys that evoke nostalgia from our childhood days. Our mission is to share with the world the most iconic finds from 80s, 90s and 00s so other people like us enjoy remembering their own story their own way, and eagerly expose it on a shelf or share it with their own children and family.

9. Where do you get your products?

We curate toys, apparel and other collectibles from authorized distributors of licensed products in Canada and the US.

10. Do you have a retail location?

For the moment, we offer our products exclusively online. If you are interested in our business, please contact us at info@coolkidsclub.ca.

11. I have a product or service that might interest you. How can I contact you about this?

Feel free to send us any pertinent information about your product/service to info@coolkidsclub.ca. We will review it and reply within a reasonable delay.

12. I still have questions or would like to send in a comment. How can I do so?

For any other question, request or feedback, please reach out by email to info@coolkidsclub.ca.